The Parenting Style That Works

Studies show — and teens say themselves — that the biggest influence on whether teens binge drink is parents. Best of all, research also shows that there is a parenting style proven to reduce risky behavior in teens, including teen binge drinking. Some know it as “authoritative”. We like to call it “heart-to-heart” parenting. Learn more below.


Take the Heart-To-Heart Journey

What does the authoritative — or heart-to-heart — parenting style look like? How can parents use it in real, day-to-day life? Find out right here, in a quick, interactive journey that gives you some real-world scenarios that highlight the heart-to-heart style. It just takes a few minutes, but it will be time well spent. Learn more. >


Learn More About Parenting Styles

There are four major styles of parenting— Authoritative (Heart-to-Heart), Permissive, Authoritarian and Uninvolved. But what’s in a name? What does it mean to be Permissive? What’s the difference between Authoritative and Authoritarian? And most importantly, what parenting style works best in reducing teen drinking and other risky behaviors? The answers to these, and other interesting questions, can be found right here. >


Heart-To-Heart Toolkit

Looking for additional tools and resources to help your teen resist underage drinking and other risky behaviors? You’ve come to the right place.

Featuring a variety of free, downloadable resources, the heart-to-heart toolkit contains everything you need to learn more and help spread the word about the heart-to-heart parenting style. Or browse our list of other resources below to learn about other programs and tools designed to help parents keep their teens on track for happy and healthy lives.

Expand the Conversation

Talking about binge drinking is just one necessary conversation. There are many more, Here are additional resources and tools designed to help parents keep their teens on track in for happy and healthy lives.

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