Heart-to-Heart Toolkit

Looking for additional tools and resources to help your teen resist underage drinking and other risky behaviors? You’ve come to the right place.

Featuring a variety of free, downloadable resources, the heart-to-heart toolkit contains everything you need to learn more and help spread the word about the heart-to-heart parenting style. Or browse our list of other resources below to learn about other programs and tools designed to help parents keep their teens on track for happy and healthy lives.

Build a strong family:

Creating Lasting Family Connections
Learn how parents and teens can work together to build teen resiliency and reduce alcohol and drug use.

Love and Logic
Learn simple and practical ways to raise a happy, healthy and responsible teen.

Realize your power:

Power of Parents
Learn why parents are the leading influence on teens’ decision to drink underage and how you can best keep your teen safe.

Help your teen succeed:

Search Institute: 40 Developmental Assets
Learn the 40 key values, qualities, experiences and relationships shown to help young people grow up healthy, caring and responsible.

John Underwood: Life of an Athlete
Great for parents of athletes, or any teen possessing a drive to excel, this program focuses on the real dangers of alcohol and other drugs.

Other Links

SAMHSA Parent Resources
Check out these resources to help you start—and keep up—the conversation about the dangers of drinking alcohol at a young age.

Nebraska MEDS Coalition
Medication Education for Disposal Strategies.

Teen suicide: What parents need to know
Tween and teen mental health information from the Mayo Clinic.

A DUI: What It Is, What It Means for You

Take the YAPP
The Nebraska Youth Alcohol Prevention Profile (YAPP) is an easy, confidential way to find out where you stand compared to other teens and young adults your age when it comes to drinking and other risky behaviors. It’s a simple questionnaire you take online—confidentially—and if you’re between the ages of 12 and 20, you’re invited. Just click the link to get started.

Dose of Reality
Prevent Prescription Painkiller Abuse in Nebraksa.

Teens, Prescription Drugs & Alcohol
A presentation by Dr. Ally Dering-Anderson.

Nebraska Youth Suicide Prevention
Lincoln-Lancaster County Suicide Prevention Coalition.

Acute Alcohol Intoxication / Good Samaritan
Information on Acute Alcohol Intoxication and the Nebraska Good Samaritan Law.

Make a Difference - Talk to your child
This National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism guide is geared to parents and guardians of young people ages 10 to 14 to encourage a discussion about alcohol.